1.3.0 (30/07/2012)

- added CFQ scheduler as module

- in call volume settings (thanks to DerTeufel for his hint)

- fix charging display for car dock (thanks to pawitp)

- CWM (thanks to koush) *

- CWM: added AROMA Filemanager (thanks to amarullz)

- compiled with Linaro 4.7.2 201207

* Nandroid backups with CWM 6 are not compatible with previous versions.


1.2.6 (07/07/2012)

- USB mass storage disable write speed cache support (thanks kasper_h, DerTeufel1980 for the hint)

- CWM: Allow key to repeat on hold (thanks to FaultException, koush). Works for volume up, down and touch key menu (as down)

- CWM: recovery fix selection bar color when battery < 21%

- CWM: recovery upstream sync (thanks to koush) *

- initramfs sync some changes with CM9 (adb works in root by default in recovery)

- compiled with linaro 4.7.1 201206

Normal versions (for CM9 or ROMs without hugemem configuration)


- 373.5MB - 385.7MB

For Slim ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration


- 386.5MB - 398.7MB

*Please note that due to changes in nandroid backup/restore, previous versions of Semaphore can't restore backups from version >= 1.2.6. To be on the safe side, please renew your backups.


1.2.5 (19/06/2012)

- rebased to 3.0.17 (thanks to trailblazerz11 and eugene373 for their github)

- compiled with Linaro 4.7.1 toolchain (thanks to trailblazerz11 for his help)

- O3 optimization flag

- upstream sync (fixes for cdma in-call volume and mic gain included, thanks to pawitp, efpophis)

- WiFi PM_MAX when suspended

- fixed 800MHz underclocking

- changed boot splash screen


Normal versions (for CM9 or ROMs without hugemem configuration)


- 373.5MB - 385.7MB


For Slim ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration


- 386.5MB - 398.7MB



1.2.2 (01/06/2012)

- Bootloop detection (if no normal boot is detected the phone will be forced to recovery in next boot) *

- bugfix: enabling Wi-Fi hotspot twice (copy the new netfilter script in order this to work by disabling and then enabling again netfilter in Semaphore app)

- creation of /system/lib/modules if does not exist

- removed LMK scripts

- fix some typos in script description (thanks to cdmackay, HiKsFiles)


* It doesn't mean that this will necessarily resolve the known bootloop issue, but it may help on bootloops because of bad OC/UV etc.


1.2.0 (15/05/2012)

- New initramfs (thanks to Mialwe for his cooperation on this)

- Bigmem reservation optional through Semaphore app (bigmem breaks 720p video recording)

- Smooth UI implemented in conservative, smartassv2 (selected as separate option)

- Semaphore Script Manager application 0.75 (thanks to HM.Carbide)

- Fast Charge support (thanks to Chad Froebe) implemented as module

- L4 (100MHz) int volt 1100mV (as GB)

- upstream updates



Normal versions (for CM9 or ROMs without hugemem configuration)


- 374.2MB - 386.4MB


For Slim ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration


- 387.2MB - 399.4MB

1.1.1 (28/04/2012)

- upstream updates

- updated initramfs

- Ondemand: smooth_ui tuner, CPU freq goes to max when touch the screen. Also sampling_down_momentum goes to max when touch the screen. (disabled by default, select from Semaphore app->Governors)

- Ondemand: bug fix sampling_down_max_momentum

- updated SIO scheduler

- touch wake fixes (from Ezekeel)

- touch wake fix enable again when proximity off (now should work always)

- cpufreq upstream fix

- cpufreq fix when max 800MHz (thanks to Mialwe, thanks to DerTeufel who pointed this out)

- cpufreq driver max freq to 800MHz when screen off

- ondemand sampling rate to 20000

- ondemand io_busy back to 0



Normal versions (for CM9 or ROMs without hugemem configuration)


- 374.2MB


- 386.4

- breaks 720p video recording


For Slim ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration


- 387.2


- 399.4

- breaks 720p video recording


LMK settings seems to cause bootloops on some ROM's. Please do not use them



1.0.0 (09/04/2012)

- Touch Wake (thanks to Ezekeel)

- Vibrator intensity (thanks to Mialwe)

- Semaphore Script Manager application ICS themed (thanks to HM.Carbide)

- upstream fixes

- removed some stuff from kernel configuration

- Radio FM support as module 

- remove kernel default script

- Ondemand: slight increased down differential ondemand 

- battery polling interval to 10sec

- Some changes to compiler flags (thanks to Mialwe)

- fixed issue enable Wi-Fi hotspot twice after reboot (?)

- fixed bug ondemand sampling rate return to 10000 when awake even if user changed it (from 0.9.8)

- ondemand some optimization to sampling down momentum calculation (from 0.9.8)

- fixed bt rfkill script (from 0.9.8)



Normal versions (for CM9 or ROMs without hugemem configuration)


- 345.2MB available RAM


- 357.4MB available RAM

- breaks 720p video recording


For Slim ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration


- 387.2MB available RAM


- 399.4MB available RAM

- breaks 720p video recording


0.9.7 (26/03/2012)

- Removed some debug options (600KB more available RAM - 340.2MB)

- fix smartassv2 bug (thanks to abev66, DerTeufel)

- CWM: battery indicator (thanks to kravrind)

- CWM: tiny upstream fix

- BT rfkill script added as test script (runs only when selected)


Bigmem version 0.9.7bm

- 352.4 MB available RAM

breaks 720p video recording


0.9.5beta (12/03/2012)

- Deep Idle (Ezekeel's approach) *

  fix sound glitches when TOP=OFF

  added option to enable/disable statistics (disabled by default)

  added dflags accesible through sysfs to debug deep idle checks **

  some optimization for less CPU overhead

  scripts to enable/disable Deep Idle and Deep Idle statistics

- fix: Smartassv2 use LiveOC frequencies

- Option to lock min frequency to 100MHz when gpu inactive

- enable_logger: change script to always copy current version modules

- fix conservative script


0.9.1 (27/02/2012)

- revert back 0.9.0 changes for Semaphore auto brightness. Resolves issues with wakelocks. In order to use the driver, also select auto brightness from system settings.


0.9.0 (24/02/2012)

- LiveOC auto adjust voltages

- added OC 1140, 1200, removed 1150 script

- New boot logo (thanks to NEFart)

- Semaphore Script Manager 0.74

- Dock support (untested)

- fixed Semaphore auto brightness (now completely blocks framework)

- fixed CIFS added md4.ko, nls_utf8.ko modules in script

- Kernel configuration cleaning (unnecessary stuff removed)

- upstream updates from pawitp's kernel (gpio changes tested and reverted)


0.8.1 (12/02/2012)

- fixed CWM display issue

- changed boot logo


0.8.0 (09/02/2012)

- bundled Semaphore Script Manager v0.73

- added NSTools clear settings option in CWM

- gzip kernel compression (faster boot)

- fixed BLN 

- fixed mobile data limit

- fixed CWM display text position issue

- fixed root initramfs files ownership

- fixed reboot when plug charger (?)

- LiveOC: Max OC 130 (was 150)


0.7.5 (04/02/2012)

- Ezekeel's Custom Voltage

- fix logger module issue

- possibly fix reboot when plug charger

- CWM: fix font display issue

- CWM: fix mount USB storage


0.7.1 (02/02/2012)

- USB Host support (build 5)

- USB Host: mouse support as module

- USB Host: Joystick, x-box pad support as module

- BLN support (static lights don't work always, have to use blinking LEDs in pro version)

- minor change for stability (?)

- CWM: Latest upstream updates

- CWM: Roboto font

- CWM: Functional touch keys

- CWM: Added power off option

- CWM: Added Clear init.d option



- Implemented LiveOC

- Added scripts for Semaphore Scrtips Manager application to support presets to 800, 1000, 1100, 1150 max freq

- Some CPU freq driver cleaning (maybe fixes reboots?)

Please note that there are 2 variations:

Normal versions: for CM10 or ROMs without hugemem configuration, available RAM 384MB - 396MB

's' versions: for Slim Bean ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration, available RAM 397MB - 409MB

3.4.3 (12/03/2014)

- initramfs updates for CM11 latest nightly compatibility

- CWM upstream sync 


3.4.2 (23/02/2014)

- Fix AromaFM execution issue in recovery


3.4.1 (20/02/2014)

- Merge changes from CM kernel (blue screen issue, JPEG memory optimization, initramfs thanks to pawitp)



3.4.0 (06/12/2013)

- Support for KitKat 4.4


- SELinux enabled

- FUSE built-in


3.3.0 (28/10/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.101


- initramfs changes for CM compatibility


3.2.0 (27/09/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.97


- initramfs updates to sync with CM


3.1.0 (17/08/2013)

built for JB 4.3 (thanks to CM team)

- Linux kernel 3.0.91

- CWM 

- SELinux disabled 


3.0.0 (30/06/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.84

- gpu: pvr: Update to DDK 1.8@2198402

- net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to version

- cpufreq: ondemand: Drop early demand

- CWM: upstream updates


-new version AromaFM 1.90 (thanks to amarullz)

Changes by sUsH667 (many thanks)

-base updated to aromafm 1.90

-deleted all languages except english

-deleted all iconsets

-deleted all fonts except roboto

-added german language

-added iconset "generic" from older aromafm-version

-added preconfigured config

-added bookmarks for often used folders: /system, /sdcard, /emmc, /sdcard/Download


2.9.26 (02/06/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.80

- CWM 

- ondemand: Change the calculation of frequency target


2.9.25 (14/05/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.78

- Enable again in-call volume settings

- Auto brightness: max_lux up to 6000


2.9.24 (03/05/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.76

- Auto brightness: max lux up to 4000


2.9.23 (26/04/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.75

- built with Linaro 201304

- UHID built as module

2.9.22 (20/04/2012)

- Linux kernel 3.0.74


- UHID implementation (thanks to pawitp and n8r for merging it to Semaphore)


2.9.21 (09/04/2012)

- Enable again android_ram_console (caused bootloops to some devices)


2.9.20 (08/04/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.72

- binder: backport from 3.9-rc (also port some other changes to support this)

- lowmemorykiller: updates from 3.9-rc

- logger: updates from 3.9-rc

- disable android_ram_console (thanks to dark_knight35)

- mDNIe: suppress some debug messages (and do so minor cleanup)

- Auto brightness: calculate the average of light sensor adc values instead of normalized brightness

- Auto brightness: Intoduce max_br_threshold tunable. Over this, the brightness is updated to its max value (thanks to Necromancer3)

- Lowmemorykiller: Intoduce a white list with PIDs (up to 6) that never been killed (use: echo "PID1, PID2" > /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/w_list)


2.9.18 (29/03/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.71


- built with Linaro 4.7.3 201303

- add option to Semaphore Auto Brightness for parabolic function (echo 0 > /sys/devices/virtual/misc/sema_autobr/linear)


2.9.15 (14/03/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.69


- conservative: Fix sampling_down_factor functionality

- conservative: Fix the logic in frequency decrease checking

- conservative: a minor improvement

(I submitted patches for conservative to Linux and they acknowledged them)


2.9.13 (04/03/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.68

- remove some kernel debug messages

2.9.12 (22/02/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.66

- USB HID support (as module: usbhid.ko)

- ondemand: early demand feature. Enable it through sysfs until Semaphore Manager new version:

echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/early_demand

You may also control the threshold:

echo XX > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/grad_up_threshold (default 50)


2.9.10 (12/02/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.63

- Semaphore Auto Brightness: filter sensor values for more smooth updates.


2.9.9 (05/02/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.62

- Ondemand: a couple of optimizations

- Auto brightness: tiny improvement

- built with Linaro 4.7.3 201301


2.9.8 (23/01/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.60


2.9.7 (18/01/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.59

- Semaphore Auto Brightness: use default work queue instead of a creating new one (more resource friendly). Change coding style to be Linux compliant.


2.9.5 (12/01/2013)

- Linux kernel 3.0.58

- fix to interactive from 3.4


2.9.4 (09/01/2013)

- Implement both CM LED and CM BLN (option in Semaphore Manager app) 


2.9.3 (07/01/2013)

- fix to interactive governor (from 3.4 upstream)

- included logger from 3.4

- included Low Memory Killer driver from 3.4

- included timed gpio driver from 3.4

- removed: max frequency to 800MHz when screen off

- changes to init script for better module installation handling (thanks to mnazim)

- fixed init scripts for IO schedulers in /res/scripts (thanks to fernandofig)

Version implements CM LED notifications


2.9.0 (30/12/2012)

- WiFi driver: couple of fixes from google source code

- Interactive governor: all latest changes from google source (3.4 kernel)

- Implemented ROW IO v4 scheduler (module)

- Reduce number of frame buffers for more RAM (thanks to DerTeufel). Available RAM - normal version: 384MB - 396MB, 's' version: 397MB - 409MB

- CWM: update to

- build with Linaro 4.7.3 201212


2.8.3 (18/12/2012)

- Linux kernel 3.0.57


- upstream sync


2.8.0 (10/12/2012)

- Linux kernel 3.0.55

- upstream sync (thanks to pawitp)

- dropped incall volume settings

- enable O3 in GPU driver (thanks DerTeufel for idea)

- CWM: update to

- CWM: fix usb mounting internal SD

This version works on JB 4.2


2.6.5 (06/12/2012)

- Linux kernel 3.0.55

- CM LED notifications (dropped BLN)

- build with Linaro 4.7.3 201211

- Fix logger loading issue when update kernel

- enable tracing

- enable O3 on GPU driver (thanks DerTeufel for idea)

- CWM: upstream sync


2.6.0 (22/11/2012)

- Linux 3.0.52

- Reworked part of code of Semaphore Auto brightness driver

- touchwake fix

- improved kernel installation procedure (version checking)

- fix update of logger.ko module when installing new kernel version (thanks to DerTeufel)

- upstream sync with CM10 kernel

- CWM: update to

- CWM: enable Semaphore Auto Brightness driver (write /system/.disable_autobr to disable it)

- CWM: AROMA FM: Holo Dark theme by sUsH667 (thanks a lot)

- CWM: fix menu item backup to external/internal recovery


2.5.0 (30/10/2012)

- update to Linux 3.0.49

- compiled with Linaro 4.7.3 201210

- touchwake: disable when proximity enabled (fix issues when set power button to end call - thanks bitblaster for reporting).

- fast charge built-in (now it's ready to activate it - at your own risk)

- fix fast charge issues when toggle (no need to restart)

- BLN 9 (for better compatibility with ROMs, thanks to DerTeufel1980 for his github, thanks to mnazim for his request)

- CM10 upstream fix to ondemand governor (thanks pawitp)

- AROMA file manager set a pre-configuration (mounts partitions, theme etc, thanks to sUsH667)


2.4.4 (22/10/2012)

- update to Linux 3.0.47

- upstream sync with android kernel

- CWM update to

- AROMA file manager update to 1.80

Many thanks to XDA and pulser_g2 for the amazing new build server. This is the first version that was built from this server.


2.4.0 (14/10/2012)

- update to Linux 3.0.46

- mount /system by default in recovery

- WiFi PM_FAST when proximity sensor enabled (thanks GreenSGS for his idea)

- Changed vibration intensity sysfs path to match CM

- Changed boot splash with new Semaphore logo (thanks to Maroula)

- CWM: upstream fix 

- CWM: corrected menu item title 'choose zip from external sdcard'



2.3.0 (08/10/2012)

- updated base to the latest linux 3.0.45

- changed charging boot logo to match open source charger


2.2.0 (27/09/2012)

- uses new CM10 partition layout

- upstream sync (opensource charger, bootpulse interface to ondemand)

- Added interactive governor (module)

- Added powersave governor (used during charging when device is off)

- compiled with Linaro 201209

- initramfs compressed with LZMA

Please note that this version works on ROMs with new CM10 partition layout (CM10 20120926 or later)


2.1.2 (23/09/2012)

- s3cfb: Don't lock for vsync poll

Please make sure that your ROM is compatible with this patch (CM10 - 20120917 or later) 


2.1.1 (18/09/2012)

- Replace VSYNC uevent thread with a custom IOCTL (thanks to CM team)

Please make sure that your ROM is compatible with this patch (CM10 - 20120917 or later)


2.1.0 (17/09/2012)

- Fix: setting sampling down factor 

- io_is_busy 0 as default value (again)

- Fix: WiFi PM_FAST

- WiFi enable early suspend, p2p options

- CWM: updated to

- CWM: added option to clear Semaphore Manager settings

- Semaphore scripts: removed touch screen sensitivity options

- removed Semaphore Script Manager app

- compiled with Linaro 20120827


2.0.6 (20/08/2012)

- CWM: upstream sync (now with 'mount USB storage', mounts both internel and external SD) thanks to Koush

- CWM: fixed clearing dalvik-cache

- upstream sync (thanks to pawitp, jt1134)

- Fixed showing charging animation

- mount /system with barrier=0



2.0.5 (18/08/2012) 

- Compatibility with new CM10 partition layout

- /system mounting with data=writeback

- 5MB more available RAM (378MB - 390MB), thanks DerTeufel1980, Mialwe



2.0.3 (16/08/2012)

- fix USB mounting

- fix netfilter issues (netfilter is now built into the kernel, no need to enable it from Semaphore application)


2.0.1 (13/08/2012)

- /data partition added nodiratime, data=writeback to mounting options (a little bit more risky)

- ondemand: io_is_busy = 1 by default

- Radio FM as module again

- CWM update to (includes selecting backup type, thanks to Koush)

- CWM added option to mount external USB storage (thanks to krarvind)

- CWM removed multiple 'no' in confirmations (create a file .multi_confirm in /sdcard/clockworkmod/ if you want multi confirmations)

- cleaned some stuff... 


2.0.0b2 (05/08/2012)

- fixed init.d scripts issue

- compiled with Linaro 4.7.2 - 201207 

Normal versions (for CM10 or ROMs without hugemem configuration)


- 373.5MB - 385.7MB

For Slim Bean ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration


- 386.5MB - 398.7MB


2.0.0b1 (28/07/2012)

- fix data usage

- added cfq init.d script

- fix Galaxy S settings

- fix charging display for car dock (thanks to pawitp)

- CWM: added AROMA Filemanager (thanks to amarullz)

- CWM: upstream sync

- CWM: fix functionality of back button in main menu

 Normal versions (for CM10 or ROMs without hugemem configuration)


- 373.5MB - 385.7MB

For Slim Bean ROM or patched ROMs with hugemem configuration


- 386.5MB - 398.7MB


2.0.0a2 (22/07/2012)

- CWM (thanks to koush) *

- added xt_IDLETIMER module to netfilter

* Although, I tested nandroid backup/restore please backup your data with a well known method to be on the safe side. 


2.0.0a1 (21/07/2012)

- Rebase to 3.0.31 (thanks to pawitp)

- initramfs sync to CM10 (thanks to pawitp)

- CFQ scheduler as module

- in call volume settings (thanks to DerTeufel for his hint)

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