This is a kernel rebuilt from the latest updated gingerbread sources and based on the CF-Root kernel (


 - Voodoo Sound v10 

 - Voodoo Color

 - OC/UV (1200MHz, 1300MHz)

 - BLN

- CWM v5.0.2.7

 - Speedmod color fix

 - Patched with the latest Samsung kernel sources.

 - JVU initramfs

 - compiled with Linaro GCC 4.6.2-2011.11 toolchain

 - O3 and other compiler optimizations

 - 337 MB available RAM (353 bigmem versions - it breaks 720 video recording)

 - Reworked cpufreq driver. cpu states 100-200-400-800-1000/1200/1300. 

 - Bundled with Semaphore Script Manager to v0.71

 - su binary v3.0.3.2

 - Governor ondemand (default)

 - ondemand: sampling down factor tunable by momentum 

 - Governor conservative (module)

 - Governor smartassV2 (module)

 - Noop I/O scheduler (default)

 - Deadline I/O Scheduler (module)

 - Simple I/O Scheduler (module)

 - Netfilter (iptables) as modules

 - CIFS as module

 - TUN as module

 - Logcat disabled (as module only)

 - cpufreq statistics as module (is loaded by default)

 - Standard network packet scheduler

 - Kernel log buffer size 4KB (from 128KB)

 - deleting boot sounds procedure creates backup on /data/local 

 - Battery polling to 60 seconds

 - jhash3

 - No debug info 

 - TinyRCU

 - CPU frequency on stock music player when screen off to 400 MHz

 - /system/etc/init.d directory creation if not exist 

 - Custom boot animation 

 - HM.Cardide's Addon scripts.

 - VM dirty chainfire's tweak as script

 - Kernel scheduler tweak as script

 - noatime chainfire's tweak by default

 - IPv6 privacy addon script

 - OC test scripts to 1200MHz, 1300MHz (Script Manager)

 - enable /proc/config.gz (as module)

 - bootloop detection (clears init.d directory, if the phone does not complete 2 minutes of normal operation)

 - Script to change /cache to virtual 50MB (in case you want to download apps > 30MB from Market) 

Make sure to disable this option before convert to ext4. You may enable this after the conversion

In order to control voodoo sound and color and BLN you have to download Voodoo Control and BLN control applications respectively from android market.

The max CPU frequency is by default 1Ghz. 

You may use applications like Voltage Control to control UV.

In order to load various modules of the kernel and enable or disable features use HM.Carbide's Semaphore Script Manager application. It automatically copies and runs the respective scripts from /res/scripts to /system/etc/init.d directory. The scripts:

- S05enable_oc_1000_default (disable overclocking)

- S05enable_oc_1200 (enable overclocking to 1200MHz)

- S05enable_oc_1300 (enable overclocking to 1300MHz)

- S10enable_gov_conservative (load and enable conservative governor module)

- S10enable_gov_ondemand_default (enable ondemand governor)

- S10enable_gov_smartassV2 (load and enable conservative smartassV2 module)

- S15enable_sched_deadline (load and enable the deadline I/O scheduler module)

- S15enable_sched_noop_default (enable noop scheduler)

- S15enable_sched_sio (enable and load SIO scheduler module)

- S20enable_netfilter (load netfilter modules for firewall or WiFi, USB tethering)

- S25enable_sm_cold (enable SpeedMod cold preset)

- S25enable_sm_neutral (enable SpeedMod neutral preset)

- S25enable_sm_warm (SpeedMod warm preset)

- S30enable_logger (enable logging) 

- S35enable_tun (load tun module)

- S40enable_cifs (load cifs module)

- S42enable_bl_dis (disable bootloop detection)

Please check first the F.A.Q. article if you have any questions and before send any questions.  

For questions or issues about Semaphore Script Manager please visit HM.Carbide's thread

You may find custom Semaphore specific boot animation here

Thanks to

Special thanks to Chainfire who allowed me to use his initramfs and distribute his applications with my kernel.

Supercurio for Voodoo sound and Voodoo color

Neldar for BLN

Existz for OC/UC, his work on porting the Nexus S driver, Voodoo color and for the bigmem settings and for his helpful hints. 

HM.Carbide about Semaphore Script Manager application.

Hardcore for the 334 MB configuration and color fix and his hints. 

Rebel2k, quangmach for their help on testing the fix for the BT issue. 

darckengel about his investigation about cpu frequencies. 

malcho for his support and for making custom boot animation for this kernel and for semaphore logo.

Mialwe for his hints and for his mount code for CWM.

All people who support this kernel by testing, reporting issues, donating or simply using it. 

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