This is a kernel for Nexus 4, based on stock one, tested on stock JB 4.2.2, CM10.1, JB 4.3, KK 4.4.x, Lollipop 5.0

Versions >= 3.0.0 are for Lollipop 5.1.x

Versions >= 2.2.0 are for KK 4.4.3

Versions >= 1.8.1 are for KK 4.4.1 /  KK 4.4.2

Versions >= 1.8.0 are for KK 4.4 

Versions >= 1.5.0 and < 1.8.0 are for JB 4.3 only

More features will be added soon. Please don't ask for ETA.



- Linux kernel 3.4.112

- built with Linaro gcc 4.8.2 201306

- enabled O2 optimizations

- ondemand (Changed calculation of frequency, tweaked)

- conservative

- mpdecision dropped

- dyn_hotplug driver

- Noop scheduler (default)

- SIO scheduler

- various fixes

- Touch wake

- Double Tap to Wake

- Gamma control

- LED triggers: touchwake, thermal

- Undervolting

- removed many debug options


Thanks to

- Linux developers

- faux123 for ideas about gamma tables

- Ezekeel for touchwake

- my wife who always supports me

- a German friend who helped to buy N4


All people who support this kernel by testing, reporting issues, donating or simply using it. 


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